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Throw on this apron and start the coffee — Company’s Coming! In a large bowl, mix together 2 cups of love, 1/2 cup of kindness, 1 Tbsp of patience, 1/2 tsp of joy, add a pinch of gentleness and a large container of self control. Mix together and pour into heart shaped pan and bake at 350 degrees until firm. Serve while wearing Apron! Finished size is approximately 23 1/2″ by 23 1/2″. Kit includes 200 die-cut squares, border, backing, and ties.

All kits include: Dark, medium, and light die-cut watercolor fabrics, necessary applique fabrics and patterns, along with detailed instructions and a color photo.

‘Company’s Coming’ Watercolor Apron Quilt Kit


Quilt Grid

Quilt Grid is HIGHLY recommended to construct Whims Kits. Click here to see the benefits.