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DOVO Applique Scissors & DOVO Embroidery Scissors

5 in. DOVO Applique Scissors


4 in. DOVO Embroidery Scissors


3 1/2 in. Left-handed DOVO Embroidery Scissors


The most helpful tool you can provide for yourself for cutting small applique pieces is a very sharp applique scissor which cuts sharply to the very tip! One that is strong and sharp will make cutting small pieces much easier.

We recommend a scissor from the DOVO scissor company.

DOVO is the oldest scissor company in Germany. Located in the Solingen Valley of Germany. They provide the best cutlery products in the world. Scissors bearing the words: “Solingen Steel,” can only come from the Solingen region.

These scissors are great to work with, providing comfort after hours of extended use. The handles give you comfort because they follow your hand’s natural curves. They are sturdy and strong to the very tip, and extremely sharp! Soligen Scissors have a Satisfaction Guarantee.and you won’t be disappointed!

How to choose a scissors of quality: Everyone knows the frustration of trying to use a pair of scissors that won’t cut crisply. First and foremost a good pair of scissors has to give excellent cutting performance for the intended use. One way of testing quality scissors is to cut a few layers of fabric with the scissors tip, which is the weakest point. When closing the scissors, a gradual increase in pressure should be felt until the blades meet, there should not be a snap at the tip. The tips of your scissors should meet at a precise point. The cut should be clean; the tips should not split apart. Try one of these Dovo scissors you’ll not be disappointed!

Helpful hint: Never set a pair of scissors down in the open position. Over a period of time this will make the scissors dull and unable to cut.

The 5″ DOVO Applique Scissors sell for $48.95 each.
The 4″ DOVO Embroidery Scissors sell for $48.95 each.
The 3 1/2″ Left-handed DOVO Embroidery Scissors sell for $48.95 each.