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This is a lightweight fusible fabric pre-marked in 2″ squares for use with the graph found inside your kit!

Easy to use Quilt-Grid is highly recommended to speed up your project. Place pre-cut squares from your kit onto the Quilt-Grid using the design shown on the graph inside your kit. Fuse all squares in place. Now instead of 200 pieces, you have one piece of fabric (your quilt top) to carry to your sewing machine, fold right sides together and sew a 1/4″ seam! Sew all seams one direction. Press all one direction. Sew all of the opposite seams and press them all one way. Your top is sewn! (One yard is enough to do two of our regular sized kits). Complete instructions included with your order! 

Right now receive FREE Quilt-Grid with a purchase of $75 or more! (limit 1 per order)

Click here to see how to view our Video “How To” Guide.

When Purchasing Quilt-Fuse only, there is a two yard minimum. If you are ordering Quilt-Fuse with a Quilt Kit you may order 1 yard at a time.

Quilt-Grid (1 yard)


(2 yard minimum if not ordered with a quilt kit)
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