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Sew Red Glasses

Sew Red Glasses


The simplest way to determine the color value – light, medium, or dark – of fabric. Every quilter, seamstress, fabric artist, designer and florist needs this tool to perfect the most important design element – Contrast!

Here’s how easy it is to put this into practice:

  1. Put on Sew Red Glasses to determine color value of fabrics. The red filter lens removes the color and enables you to see fabrics in a grey scale.
  2. With your Sew Red Glasses, organize fabrics by value – dark, medium, light.
  3. Check your design with the Sew Red Glasses to make sure you see every aspect of your project.
  4. Sew Red Glasses help you see contrasting values to create vibrancy and interest in your design.
  5. Keep in mind the red filter does not give you the true value of red and pink fabrics.

Just remember…there’s no “wrong” quilt. There’s no quilt police. If a quilt is made lovingly, it’s beautiful and meaningful. Considering you will spend hundreds, perhaps thousands, of dollars on fabrics and patterns and templates… and you will spend hundreds, perhaps thousands, of hours making quilts, and put your heart and soul in every project…Sew Red Glasses is a simple tool you can buy one time and use forever to ensure you maximize every minute and every dollar, and make the most beautiful quilt you can possibly make!