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Whims Quilt Kits

“Rachel’s Dog Kennel” Block #14: Pug "Lola"

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Miss Lola Pug seems serious with her laid-back attitude, you might even hear her snore, but she greets with outgoing affection while wagging her curly tail—she’s so happy to please! She’s a robust package—Miss Lola Pug–an easy keeper and the most wonderful companion!

This optional kit can be used to replace any one of the dogs in the Full Set of Rachel’s Dog Kennel.

Lola is another dog in the series that will fit the Dog Kennel Quilt but can also be a ‘stand alone’ quilt kit.

All kits include: Dark, medium, and light die-cut watercolor fabrics, necessary applique fabrics and patterns, along with detailed instructions and a color photo.

Need borderbacking, batting, and Steam a Seam? Click the links below to add them to your cart! 

Lola the Pug Border/Binding/Backing

Quilt Grid


Steam a Seam