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Stained Glass Dragonflies Kit

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Designed by Mim Schlabach
Finished size without border (approx) 12” x 37.5”

These two colorful examples of Stained Glass Dragonflies on a wall-hanging are sure to warm your heart as a reminder of your love of Dragonflies! They appear quickly, often in vibrant colors and love to bask in the sun! They can fly straight up and down or hover like a helicopter then just as quickly they disappear!  Currently there are about 5000 species of dragonflies and damselflies known. Over 300 are from North America! This kit is easy and fun to make.

Kit includes pre-cut watercolor background squares along with all applique fabrics, patterns, color photo and complete instructions.

Need borderbacking, batting, and Steam a Seam? Click the links below to add them to your cart! 

Quilt Grid

Stained Glass Dragonflies Border



Steam a Seam