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Whims Quilt Kits

“With All My Heart” Watercolor Quilt Kit

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This Popular “#1 Best Seller” Quilt comes to you with lots of love “WITH ALL MY HEART”. Pansy flowers are a favorite of many! The pansies included in this quilt encircle the Watercolor background in the shape of a heart! (Option: Add your own words in embroidery in the center to personalize!) Why not try this easy quilt designed by Mim Schlabach exclusively for Whims Watercolor Quilt Kits? Finished size is 25 1/2″ x 24″ without border (border available).

All kits include: Dark, medium, and light die-cut watercolor fabrics, necessary applique fabrics and patterns, along with detailed instructions and a color photo.

Need borderbacking, batting, and Steam a Seam? Click the links below to add them to your cart! 

Quilt Grid

With All My Heart Border



Steam a Seam